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Prior to being the present day Kemnitz Sinclair Service Station located at the southeast corner of the Perry square was the Sunfield Hotel which was built in the late 1800s. It was a wooden building that housed a barber shop, hotel and on many occasions men would visit the ladies who resided on the top floor. In the mid 1930’s the building was demolished and on November 13, 1937 opened a Diamond-DX service station built by Mid-Continent Petroleum of Tulsa. At that time gas was priced around $.12 per gallon. In 1955 gasoline cost $.32 per gallon and business was very competitive with a total of twenty-two full service stations operating in Perry. The first time gas prices went over $1.00 per gallon was in 1979. The Kemnitz business was featured in 2006 by Galen Culver with News Channel 4’s Great State segment which was enticed by one of their customers due to its history and renovation. In June of 2007 the Kemnitz Sinclair Station was recognized as the “Longest Continuous Operating Service Station in Oklahoma” by the Oklahoma Petroleum Marketing Association as it has always been in the same location and never closed in 81 years. In 2008 the station was honored to be one of Perry’s local businesses aired by KOCO Channel Five ‘On The Road’ Tour. Today the station offers full-service and self-service unleaded gasoline, on-road diesel and off-road diesel at competitive prices as well as motor oil, grease, DEF, kerosene and solvent. They accept Fuelman, Fleet, Sinclair, debit and major credit cards. With the occurrence of engine problems, damage and decreased miles per gallon due to usage of ethanol alcohol, all fuel products purchased from the Kemnitz Sinclair Station are guaranteed to be ethanol and biodiesel free.

In May 2005, Craig Kemnitz and his wife, Ruby, became the 2nd generation to own the family run business of Kemnitz Oil Co., Inc. and the Kemnitz Sinclair Station. On April 1st of this year the two companies celebrated 63 years being in business. The Kemnitz Oil Company supplies area manufacturers, oil companies, farmers, construction companies, individuals and service companies with bulk fuel and oil delivery. They are affiliated with Sinclair and ConocoPhillips, but offer many other brands of lubricating oils from quarts to 55 gallon drums. The Kemnitz Companies plan to continue with many more years of selling the best quality products with superior service. Craig and Ruby Kemnitz, Tyler Schovanec and Cody Leitner want each and every customer to know that they are welcome and sincerely appreciated.
Hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Saturday, 8:00 AM to 
3:00 PM.