The Kemnitz Oil Company, Inc. supplies area manufacturers, oil companies, farmers, construction companies, individuals and service companies with bulk fuel and oil delivery.  We are affiliated with Sinclair and ConocoPhillips but offer many other brands of lubricating oils from quarts to 55 gallon drums to bulk quantities.

In today's business market it is rare to find a company that truly does what they say they will do.  We take great pride in being one of those businesses that practices this principle.  If it takes twenty hours out of the day to complete all of our jobs, then so be it.  One example of our hard work ethic is that we have supplied one of Oklahoma's most successful businesses, The Charles Machine Works, Inc., with fuel and petroleum products for over thirty years.  We also have repeat business 
from construction and oil field companies that return to the area for different jobs.

Customers are never taken for granted and are treated with sincere appreciation because we realize the consumer has a choice as to where they want to do business.

The Kemnitz Sinclair Service Station in Perry, Oklahoma is located at the southeast corner of the downtown square.  It was built in 1937 by Mid-Continent Petroleum Co. as a Diamond D-X Service Station.  The station has never been closed in its existence and has been operated by our family since 1955.  Through the years the station went from being D-X to APCO and then in 1994 began operating under the Sinclair brand.  We are one of the last few gas stations that still offer full-service where customers can remain in their automobile while having their window washed, tires and oil checked and gas pumped by an attendant.  In addition we also offer self-service unleaded gasoline, on-road diesel and off-road diesel at competitive prices as well as motor oil, grease, DEF, kerosene and solvent.  We accept cash, checks, Fuelman, Fleet, Sinclair, debit and major credit cards.  Our fuels are guaranteed to be ethanol and biodiesel free.  

                                                              In June 2007 the Kemnitz Sinclair Station was recognized                                                                                         by the Sinclair Oil Corporation and 
                                                                the Oklahoma Petroleum Marketing Association as the
                                                        "Longest Continuous Operating Service Station in Oklahoma." 
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